Difference between Facebook and Facebook lite?

facebook vs facebook lite

What's up everyone today we are going to compare and see what is the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite. We will see what's the difference between the two and what features are missing in both and finally, we will see which one is for you. So I hope you are ready because this is the ultimate article of Facebook vs Facebook Lite. So let's get started.

1). Missing features.

So there are a few differences and the primary one is the missing features when you open Facebook lite you might see all the tools but the ones we don't use very often are not available the app does not offer nearby friends, Oculus VR, find Wi-Fi, offers, weather, send or request money, device requests, crisis response and city guides. 

Considering the above features we can understand that many GPS enabled features are missing in Facebook lite also the dark mode is available in Facebook lite but you will not be able to find in the Facebook app.

2). Interface differences.

Moving to the interface it is also different. On the Facebook app, there is the newsfeed, groups, videos, marketplace, notifications and the main menu. 

The Facebook Lite app comes with the newsfeed, friend requests, messenger, videos, notifications and the main menu. 

As you browse you will also find the difference in fonts, size, buttons and more. 

3). Storage differences.

The third difference is storage. Facebook app occupies 143 MB of storage while Facebook Lite only takes 2.2 MB on Android

On the iPhone, Facebook takes 425 MB of storage while Facebook Lite occupies only 20 MB of storage. There is a huge difference in the storage as well. If you are wondering how they manage to reduce the size then here is a simple answer. The main reasons for the reduced size are low-resolution images, classic buttons, missing features which we talked about, default and saved fonts etc. Using lower pixel images make a huge difference while saved fonts also make a difference. There are many little things which we do not notice but together they make a huge difference. 

4). So which one is better Facebook lite or Facebook app?

Anyway, let's figure out which one is better here are my suggestions regarding both. If you don't have enough storage on your phone then go with Facebook Lite. If you are using an older version of Android such as KitKat or Lollipop, then Facebook Lite is for you. If your phone or sim does not support 3G or 4G or you live in 2G area then Facebook Lite is for you. If you have a limited data plan you might want to stick to Facebook Lite because it saves your data. If you don't want unnecessary features such as weather, find Wi-Fi and the ones which I mentioned then go with Facebook Lite. 

Other than all these reasons you can use the Facebook app without any issues. Although all the above make sense but it's a personal opinion as both works on many devices. 

Anyway here is the end of this article Facebook vs Facebook Lite. If you want to learn more please check out more articles on my website, and if you find this article useful then feel free to comment below.