Hello guys, welcome to techprouds and today we will talk about Samsung Keyboard like Samsung Keyboard gif search, Samsung Keyboard theme like all about Samsung Keyboard app. So let's get started.

Samsung Keyboard

7 Things you must know about Samsung Keyboard.

1). Gesture-based typing.

So the first one gesture-based typing. It has been around for 10 years on Android and many people still don't know about it and if you've not been using it you've been typing slow. You pretty much just swipe your fingers over letters and the keyboard intelligently forms the word. But this is not something turned ON by default on your Samsung keyboard and you're gonna have to go and turn that ON. 

So when your Samsung keyboard is open tap on the gear icon > go into keyboard settings > then into swipe touch and feedback settings > then just turn on swipe to type that's it.

2). Use spacebar to navigate between letters and words.

Alright, next thing you can just use the spacebar to navigate between letters and words by just long pressing and sliding it left or right. Even better if you use another finger at the same time you can slide to highlight text and then cut, copy or delete.

3). Samsung pass.

Samsung pass is a great way to store and quickly share very private, critical or sensitive information. Now whether it's private notes, whether it's credit card details, your addresses or sign-in information to various websites and you know you just want to share that information with someone else. 

So anything that you want to store and be able to share later like bank account details or as I said addresses you can do that so quickly with this. And if you're worried about data and security well there's nothing to worry about. Samsung secure is protected by Samsung Knox which is their enterprise-level security. You know it's super encrypted, super-secure nothing to worry about. 

4). Resize the Samsung keyboard.

Next Samsung keyboard can resize itself to give you a more convenient typing experience. So within Modes in settings, you can choose the one-handed mode and be able to type easily with just one hand despite the large size of your phone. There's also a floating keyboard mode so you know if in case you do want to use this for any purpose. 

5). In-built themes.

Without downloading anything else your Samsung keyboard has four built-in themes. To access that just go into Settings > Scroll down into theme and there you'll see four of these. They all are very similar except there's a dark and a white theme with strokes and without keystrokes. But this will only work if you're not in dark mode if you're in dark mode then obviously your keyboard is always black and you're gonna have to stick with that. 

Now Samsung keyboards can get very fancy with their themes they can light up as you swipe across letters or as you type. Now while this can get distracting at times it does look really cool and there's one way to activate this. Go into galaxy store > Install a good lock on your phone. When you do that you will see something called a keys cafe which you'll also have to install. And once that's done just going to style your own keyboard you'll see something called as effects which you're gonna have to turn ON and that's it. You know there are a couple of effects that you can go through and you can select. You can also change the colour scheme so there are a few that are already made but you can create your custom one as well. You can also go into colours and choose a different theme altogether and some are already made but, of course, you can make your own as well.

6). Native in-built translator between multiple languages.

Next, all Samsung keyboards have a translate option and the number of languages that are supported is just insane and it's really accurate as well. So it's really easy you set your language on the left and the translated language on the right and then you hit that translate button and you get that input in your message box that simple. 

7). Search through emojis, Netflix, bitmojis, youtube titles and Spotify.

Your Samsung keyboard also has a search option that searches through multiple things at the same time. So let's say you put in a keyword you'll find emojis and bitmojis that correspond to it. You'll find GIFs with Samsung Keyboard gif search, you'll also find Netflix, Youtube and Spotify search results for that keyword. And when you tap on that video it'll just paste the link of that title in the message box. 

Anyway, that's it, guys. You know those were some things I wanted to share about the Samsung keyboard. So if you're using a Samsung phone and using the Samsung keyboard on it these are things you ought to know. 

I hope this was really helpful if you've got any questions feel free to drop them in the comments section below.