What is Android System Webview?

A lot of people wonder whether they need to delete the Android System Webview app or not. Having this application on our device can be puzzling, but this application is not a virus or a malware as many people think it is because this application emerges on our Android device whenever a link is clicked.

This is an application that helps us to open any link in any application like Whatsapp or any payment application for the transaction. Whenever we click on the link, a new window may open which is not a web browser but a lite version of the browser. Android users who are using the previous version of Android have got an alternative option to view and read the link in webview.

Android System Webview

What is Android System Webview app?

The Android System Webview app gives Android users a very good experience that is required to be successful in all mobile devices. The platform is being used to help users find and shop more effectively online.

Google has integrated web browser to provide the users best experience on its platform. It helps users to increase their searches and navigate to websites they may be interested in visiting.

When users use these apps, then they can log in to any website very easily. And also there is no need to worry about automatic redirection on any other website.

You can access the Android System Webview application from the Google Play Store and this is the only way to access this app. The App is available to download for free. This app is compatible with Android version 4 and above. Android users install this app from the Google play store.

Users will also get various functions by installing the app and also they don't need to create a new account or signup.

It is an app that allows users to drive the internet very easily. This app works in conjunction with the operating system to give users a very optimised experience while shopping online and making it easy to access any website.

This app also helps users to find best shopping sites and also download new apps so that they are always aware of the newest features and new apps. With the help of this app, users can browse any websites easily and keep up with the newest apps without the need to download new updates.

What is the use of Android System Webview?

Android System Webview is just like the chrome component which authorizes apps to show web components within the app. You do not need a browser to view any website.

The Android System Webview allows users to open the page of any website in any third-party app instead of opening the pages on the default web browser on your device. This app is just like a mini-browser which has many features like text search, reading the article, zoom in-out and scroll up or down etc.

Such applications require the mini browser for functions like approving logins from Facebook and Google+. 

This is a system that allows us to browse content inside the app without the need of any web browser.

Android developers created Android system webview where you just click the link and can open that link within the application you are using. You no need any browser to open links you can simply tap the link and it will open right away within that app. But it is not supported by some application you need a browser to open some links.

What is the function of the Android System Webview?

The feature allows you to surf pages when you click on the Instagram link or Facebook link directly without exiting the application or going to the browser. You can surf the pages exactly the same way as you do in the Chrome browser.

It is a very important system tool of the device which can be controlled by the Chrome browser. You can view any web page on the web browser through the system's in-built solution, you don't need to exit the application to look a page on the browser.

It is used to show you all the web content on the Android OS for most in-built apps.

How to enable Android System Webview?

If you want to enable Android System Webview on Android 5 and above then follow these:- Go to your device settings > Then Apps > Find Android system webview from app list and tap it > If you see the enable button, simply tap on it and after that Android syetem Webview will start running on your device.

How To Disable Android System Webview?

If you want to disable Android System Webview from your Android device, then you can disable it on your Android device but you can not uninstall it from your device. If you want to disable it then simply go to Google play store and search for this application and from there click on disable