Hey, what is going on everyone this is techprouds back with another article and today I have a list of some amazing widgets for iPhone that you must have on your device. I have a best iOS 14 widgets list.

iOS 14 widgets list

Top 12 iOS 14 widgets apps.

iOS 14 has been released and of course a lot of apps that offer widgets on iPhone most of them are cool some of them are very useless and of course, there are some amazing ones. So in this article, I have a list of top 12 best iOS 14 widgets that you can get on your iPhone. So let's get started.

1). Widgy.

Starting off with Widgy. Now in my opinion this is the best widget app that you can get on your iOS 14 devices. It is really different from other apps. Now with Widgy, you will be able to create your own widgets and it has a lot of features. Also, it has an amazing community where you can find different widgets created by the community and of course you can just scan the QR code and have them on your device and also personalize them the way you want. 

Now Widgy offers a lot of different features. If you go to the app on the main page you can go ahead and create your own widget, you can import a widget or you can join the community and you can go ahead and there just save different QR codes on your camera roll and then scan them from there and you will get some amazing widgets on your device from widgy. 

Now if you go to "Manage" you can go ahead and set your widgets. So you will get there different slots for the small, the medium and the large widgets. So what you do there is go ahead and tap on one of them and select which widget you want to place there and then, of course, apply it to your home screen using the widgets panel on the home screen. Now with the free version, you will be able to set only one you will have to pay a pro version in order to get all the slots unlocked but it's really worth it. It has a ton of features and some really amazing widgets.

2). Spotify.

Spotify has updated its app a few days ago to offer iOS 14 home screen widgets. Now here we have 2 types of widgets that Spotify offers. We have the medium size widget and the small size widget. On the small one, you will see the currently playing song, the album art and the title of the song. On the medium-size widget, you will see the same small size widget at the top right but underneath also you will see your ample current played songs you will see the album art on the widget.

Now, this widget probably reminds you of Apple's music widget that apple offers. It's kind of like the same basically these look very very similar but this is from Spotify the official iOS 14 home screen widgets from the Spotify app.

3). TikTok.

Another app that has been updated to offer iOS 14 home screen widgets is TikTok. If you are a Tiktok user, now you have Tiktok's widgets available for your iOS 14 device. 

So here you will get three different sizes of the widget you have the bigger size the 4x4 and the 2x2 the smallest size. It also offers a medium-size one which is the 2×4. On the bigger size widget, you will get to see trending hashtags and three different trending videos. And on the smaller size, you will only see trending hashtags right there. On the bigger one, you will see three different videos and if you tap on one of them it will take you directly to that video.

4). The Weather Channel.

Now Weather Channel also provides you home screen widgets for your iOS 14 device and this is the best iOS 14 widget. This widget app offers 2 different kinds of widgets size the 2x4 and the 4x4 and of course the 4x4 it is bigger and you will see more information. On the bigger size widget, you will see the hourly forecast and also see the current weather. You will also see the next 6 hours of forecast right there on your home screen and it also shows you the radar. 

It does the same on the smaller size widget. You will see the current weather and then you have the next three hours of the forecast. It also offers a smaller one that you can add on the home screen. You can also choose the location that you want to display on the home screen of your iOS 14 device. Just 3d touch on the widget and you can go ahead and tap on edit widget and choose the location.

5). Widget link.

Now, this widget app is really interesting it allows you to have links directly on the home screen of your iOS 14 device. It is really cool it allows you to have 3 links on the 2x4 one and only 1 link on the smaller one. 

The only downside of this is that when you tap to open a link first it will redirect you to the app and then it will open the link on the safari browser. It would be really nice if it open link directly in the Safari browser. Now if you open the app then you will see that you can go ahead and customize the links. You have 2 widget size available on this widget app small widget and you have the medium widget you can go ahead and just customize the widget any way you like. You can also add image on the links as a logo by taping on the links and of course, add the title.

6). Countdown.

Now the next widget app on our today's list is called countdown. It allows to have countdowns on the home screen of your iOS 14 device and it's probably the best countdown widget yet for your iOS 14 device. And this widget app is free which makes it more valuable. This widget app offers two different types of countdowns widgets. You have the dual one which shows you 2 different countdowns and on the second we have only one that shows you as a main countdown that you choose from the menu of the widget. You can tap on the widget and sort the order right there and you can choose how many events you want to show. So that's really cool and you can also customize the widget and make it look the way you want.

7). World clock.

With the help of World Clock Widget, you can display a bundle of different styles of clocks and cities on the home screen of your iOS 14 device. I know that Apple also gives us a clock widget but it is much better than that and it offers you more options and of course more ways to customize the widget. 

Now, this widget app provides you the medium-size widget that shows 4 different cities and also shows time on each city. You will also get the white and black coloured widget that will change depending on whether on that city is daytime or night time. When the city is in the daytime it shows you in white colour and when the city is in the nighttime it shows you black colour. You can add a bunch of different widgets and also customize them the way you want.

Also if you hold and touch on one of the widgets then you will get here a ton of options that allow you to customize the widget. You will get there analogue or digital, you can set a secondary text or you can set also the appearance whether you want to be dark or light or you want it to be automatic.

8). Clock widget.

Now, this one is really interesting it doesn't do much it will only show you the battery percentage, the current time and of course the day and the current date. But what I like about it is that you can customize it with available colours and make it look really really nice. 

You can just make this look good with the setup that you currently have or the wallpaper that you have on your iOS 14 device using the colours that you can customize from the app. You will get two different sizes of the widget a bigger one and a smaller one. With this app, you have the 4x4 one which you can also add to the home screen. 

So if you go to the app you will see a menu with everything that's on the widget starting from the different fields to the text. So you can customize the background and you can customize the font colour.

9). Habit Minder.

The next widget app on our list is Habit Minder. Habit Minder is an app that will recall your daily task to complete every day you do something. Of course, you have your own habits like maybe exercising, jogging, walking or maybe reading something or doing work or anything that you do. So you can add all of that to the app and then using the home screen widgets of this app you can remind yourself to complete your daily habits. 

10). Clock alarm widget.

This is an alarm app that provides you such widgets that are very useful. What this app does is they show your next alarms right on the home screen of your device. This gives you different sizes of widgets of course all the ways that you need. The bigger widget, the medium size widget and the smaller size widget. The bigger size widget shows you up to 4 different alarms on the home screen of your device and then we have a smaller size widget which will indicate you your next alarm on the home screen. These are very cool and they look very nice the design is really very beautiful.

11). Tday widget.

Now with Tday widget, you will get a bunch of information in one widget. This widget app offers three different sizes. We have the small one, the medium one and the bigger one. The medium one shows you the current weather, stocks and also the recent news. Now it does the same with the bigger one. It shows you the current weather and also news and stocks. These can be customized the stocks and the location from this app.

12). Facts widget.

The last but not least is one of my favourite widgets is called facts and what it does it shows you like interesting facts on the home screen of your device. Now you can choose between different sizes of widgets. This app offers two sizes the medium and the smaller one and it just randomly shows you different facts that are really interesting. And of course, it's good to know all these cool facts that you can learn from this app.

So that's basically it for this article guys these are some of the best iOS 14 home screen widgets or iOS 14 widgets list that you can get from the App store. I hope you guys enjoyed the article then simply go ahead and share this article with your friends and family members.