After Sony PSP discontinued various new emulators released for PSP gaming before these games were only run on Sony PSP. But now we can play in smartphones using PSP emulator. So I have the list of best psp games for android.

Best psp games of all time

15 Best PSP games of all time.

So for today, we bring the top list of best psp games of all time that you might love to play. So let's get started.


It is a typical 3D adventure game allowing you to explore and interact with familiar and plenty of all-new locations not seen in the movies. Much like the console game, you will be crawling through backyards and human homes usually protected by all sorts of high-tech traps and gadgets. In addition, the story mode will take most gamers around 7 to 10 hours to finish possibly more. 


This is an action and adventure game based on the Ghostbusters franchise. The game features elements of typical third-person shooters but instead of using a traditional gun, players are equipped with a proton pack, a laser beam like a weapon and a ghost trap to fight and capture ghosts. In addition, you can explore the environments of each level seeking out paranormal activities and ghosts either alone or with up to all four of the other ghostbusters.


Pursuit force is a movement recreation advanced by way of big big studios. In the game, participate inside the position of a police agent who is a member of the titular elite regulation enforcement corporation that specializes in direct armed encounters with adversaries. Whether or not is taking walks or on the bond of a rushing vehicle. The participant has to try to seize motors and motorbikes while accomplishing high-speed chases and gun battles towards closely armed gangs. 

12). UP.

Down to number 12 we have UP. It is a pretty decent game and very entertaining especially for Disney fans. The game is addictive and has good graphics. So if you are looking for a good Disney game here is one of them. In addition, you will encounter exciting new environments as they navigate through treacherous jungle terrains, battle dangerous creatures and trek the slippery slopes of the Amazonian temples. Overall the game has a great story so definitely try it at least once. 

11). WALL-E.

With Wall-E players control Wall-E for most of the game. Moving the little robot through various environments solving puzzles and defeating enemies while the odds may be against him. Wall-E has several ways to help him get past these obstacles. Also, Wall-E follows the plot of the movie with Earth's population having evacuated the planet due to overwhelming levels of trash and other waste byproducts of humanity's consumer urge. 

10). G FORCE.

The game follows Darwin a crazy skilled member of an elite team of guinea pigs with the occasional mole and housefly thrown in for good measure. The majority of g-forces action revolves around a 3D platforming design with a bit of basic Ratchet and Clank style weapon combat thrown in. In addition, levels are pretty straightforward in their design but the designers try to shake things up with a few puzzle elements. 


This is a beat'em up game with platforming aspects in which the player controls crash bandicoot. Whose main objective is to rescue his sister Coco and save his home on to Boompa island from being destroyed by the main antagonist gigantic robot. In each level, you have to complete fights against large groups of enemies and destroy them. Overall this was a very popular game in its time. So if you like bandicoot then you definitely have to try this one. 


This is a game that was created by Konami Productions. The game consists of two primary playing modes mission and mother base. Mission are the actual action sequences of the game where the player must infiltrate enemy territory. Whereas the mother base is a crew managing simulation mode similar to the comrade system in Metal Gear Solid. 


The role of Daxter and his role as a bug experimenter while he is searching for his friend jack throughout the game's story. In each level, you have several objectives to complete. There is the main objective that has been laid out for you which might consist of killing enemies, destroying insect hives or collecting objects. Daxter can perform a double jumping and ledge grabbing. 

6). TOY STORY 3.

This is an open-world sandbox-style environment where players can explore and play with the toys and collectables any way they like. There are different missions for different toys, character customization and more. The story mode featured lots of action and adventure in the game where you control three characters Woody Buzz Lightyear and each has their own skills. 


The game takes place between Revenge of the Sith and a new hope an era geeks dream about often. Only the game doesn't focus on the Jedi and their struggle against the Sith. The action plays out in the third-person with control of Rhianna. Lethal alliance affords plenty of opportunities to use at all most of the stages focus on action and obstacle navigation much of which is fast-paced.


This is a historical fantasy video game published by Lucas Arts. The game takes place in 1939 and involves Indiana Jones searching for his former mentor Charles Kingston. While competing with rival archaeologist Magnus Lawler for the staff of Moses. Your main objective is to solve various types of mystery and fight with enemies.  


This is a 3D fighting game that plays more or less just the same as PS2 Tenkaichi games except the battles can be done in 2 Vs 2 arena matches. You can customize characters as well as unlock way more past the base roster. The game has a story mode, survival mode and a battle 100 mode where players fight specific teams for points. Some of the game mechanics are actually improved from older Tenkaichi games. 


Number 2 we have tomb Raider anniversary. Like the original anniversary follows the same basic tale of Lara's hunt for the scion of Atlantis as she does battle with conniving businesswoman Jacques Molina necklace and her various henchmen. you will explore ancient tombs and forgotten cities in Peru, Greece or Egypt. You will also perform plenty of death-defying acrobatics as you work your way through massive ancient and often deadly puzzles. However some control compromises inconsistent performance issues but a small dent in the experience.


The game opens in Attica where Kratos helps defend the city against the impending Persian forces. Aside from its the most impressive thing about the whole visual presentation. Also, chains of Olympus plays perfectly into the franchise's storyline and offers up the same level of intense action as its console counterparts. It is also the best-looking title on the system without question engaging from start to finish. So this is the best PSP games of all time.

So this is my favourite list of top 15 PSP games that you can play on your Android device. So if you find this article useful then feel free to share this article with your friends.