We all use the Internet, the Internet is very important in our day to day life and also we use it everywhere, but if the speed of the Internet slows down, then our work also stops and slows down as well. Internet speed is very important for us if our internet speed is not good, we cannot do our work on time because in today's date Internet is everything, all our work is done through the Internet. If its speed decreases even a little bit, then whatever work we do, it also slows down and stops as well. Now the question is How to increase Internet speed in Android Phone? First of all, you have to keep in mind that whatever tricks I have mentioned below, it will not change your 3G or 4G pack into 5G pack but you can increase your Internet speed a little bit by following below tricks.

Increase Internet speed

  • Check your Internet speed with Internet Speed Checker.

First of all, you have to check your internet speed with the help of any "Internet Speed ​​Checker" available on the app store or simply search for Internet speed test on google.com. By checking your internet speed, you will get an idea of ​​how much Internet speed your ISP is providing to you.

Internet speed test

  • Try to clear cache memory from your Android smartphone.

If you are facing slow Internet then you have to clear the cache inside your phone. The phone slows down due to not clearing the cache regularly, due to which the Internet speed also starts slowing down. Many times, the Internet speed on your smartphone gets slow or poor due to the filling up of the cache memory in the Android phones after accessing various websites and downloading the different apps on the phone. Therefore, smartphone users must clear the cache memory regularly to boost there phone Internet speed.

Clear Cache memory

  • Uninstall useless applications from your smartphone.

This is also the biggest reason for the Internet to be slow, that some people install many applications in their phones which are not even useful for them. So if you are facing slow Internet speed then try to go into your phone's settings and uninstall those applications which are not useful for you. After doing this, you can refresh your smartphone by clearing the excess cache memory. Doing all this will not only improve your Internet speed but after doing this the performance of your phone will also improve.

Uninstall useless applications

  • Try to enable text mode in your mobile browser.

If you want to increase your phone's Internet speed, then this technique is also good to improve your Internet speed. whenever you do some search in Google, then google show some images related to that search, if you do not need any images in your search, then you can enable text mode by going into your phone's browser settings. Enabling text mode will increase your Internet speed significantly. If you are facing slow Internet speed in your PC and if you want to enable text mode in your chrome browser on PC then for the Google Chrome browser, you can use the “Text Mode Browser extension” to enable only texts in the browser and to disable the images in the web browser.

Enable text mode

  • Switch OFF network and then turn it ON.

This method is also very beneficial to increase your Internet speed. sometimes your phone updates its installed applications in the background without giving any notification for that. Our internet speed also slows down due to the updating of applications in the background. So in this situation, you should try to enable flight mode in your phone or try to reboot your phone. By rebooting your smartphone or enabling flight mode, all the applications in the background will freeze for a short time, so that their update process will also be stopped.

Switch Off network

  • Try to enable Data saver mode in your smartphone.

If your phone has the option of data saver mode then you can enable this mode. Enabling the data saving option in your browser would load only the important aspects of a page such as the images and text. This will slightly increase the loading speed of your browser, but unfortunately, it will not increase your downloading and uploading speed. But if you want to increase your browsing speed only, then this technique is very useful.

enable data saver mode

Calling to someone will increase your Internet speed.

If you are using JIO sim then try to call someone. Actually, a running call by a jio sim increases the speed of jio Internet. You can call anyone or try to call on 198 and then you will see that your Internet speed increased.

Calling to Increase Internet speed

  • Try to enable Ads pop-up blocking.

Fact is Ads pop-up is annoying. These Ads slow down Internet speed too. Try to enable Ad blocking in your browser. When an ad pops up on your phone, it shares the same data you’re using. This causes the pages you’re trying to access to slow down. You also block these annoying Ads by installing any Adblocker application from the application store.

Pop-up Ads


I have written some tips and tricks above by which you can increase Internet speed on your mobile. If your Internet Is still Running Slow Then You Have To Change Your Network Carrier For Better Internet Performance.